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Thank you for taking the time to visit the website! I aim to provide insightful information on local and national real estate trends in addition to giving a fresh look into every day living on the Island.

I was first drawn to the Island for the sun, surf, & laid back Island lifestyle. I have come to appreciate so much more that this place has to offer, though. Their are many fascinating segments to this community. People are drawn to Galveston for a variety of reasons. For those that have not yet landed here, I encourage you to Find Your Galveston!

Selling real estate in Galveston is a dream job. The Island landscape is so unique. From charming beach side bungalows to awe inspiring Victorian homes, there is a dream property out there for everyone. These are my top selling points for Galveston:

  1. Fish, surf, sail, swim, kayak… There are so many ways to enjoy the ocean, bays, and beaches of Galveston. These are Galveston’s greatest resources and we need to take care of them.
  2. We have a vibrant art scene, great local music, and a festival almost every weekend!
  3. The historic character of the Island creates an amazing sense of place that you can’t find in the ‘burbs’.
  4. There is a common saying in Galveston, “Everywhere in 10 minutes.” The city was planned for the 19th century pedestrian, so everything is located in close proximity.
  5. The revival and emergence of local industry ensures economic growth in Galveston. UTMB continues to grow and provide new employment opportunities. The Port of Galveston and the cruise terminal are reporting record profits. And, more and more tourists visit the Island than ever before.

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Brian Kuhn aka The Galveston Realtor has been working with buyers on the island since 2011. His passion for Galveston and the island lifestyle has no equal. Ready to find your Galveston? Talk to Brian!

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